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Running a small business leaves very little time to do all the books, Jane made it so much easier.  Straight talking in normal language, everything made perfect sense, she passes the data onto our Accountant for the end of Year and it all runs very smoothly and more importantly very economically.  Our cash flow has definitely improved and she is always there to answer any question, thank you Jane!

RG Sole Proprietor


Jane appeared at just the right time for our business. We were hitting month 10 of our new business start up and getting so behind with our accounts. One cold call to Jane, followed by a meeting, and we have never looked back. Within a few weeks Jane had brought us up to date, taken control of the payroll and handled our registration for VAT. Jane made the whole experience painless, we are near the end of year 3 now without any worries or concerns regarding our account, leaving us to concentrate on the business itself. Thank you Jane.

GE Director


Have tried to describe how Jane has done an excellent job for our company but kept deleting it as it did not seem believable that one person could have so many nice things written about them. With words like meticulous, organized, professional, honest, reliable, punctual. Jane has helped us maintain a healthy cash flow and if we could describe her in one word it would be AWSOME!

MW Director


Jane has brought much needed control and calm to my bookkeeping, freeing me up to concentrate on other things

CB Sole Proprietor


Asking Jane to become our company bookkeeper having met her in September 2016 was the best business decision I've have made for many years. Jane is so completely thorough and supportive, and always so quick to respond to any accounting queries. Jane is also so proactive and is always ready to make helpful suggestions as to how she can better organise our accounts, and send me polite reminders to provide her with the information she needs, so she can keep everything up to date. I can't recommend her highly enough, and say how delighted I am to have her as part of our business team. 

JC Director


Jane has proved to be extremely proficient over the last two years looking after the books of the company. 

Jane is quick to respond to the needs of the business which is of tremendous help at times when urgency is required. Very highly commended.

DB Director


Jane has looked after my books and paperwork for the past few years very efficiently and at a very reasonable rate. She takes all the pressure of the paperwork side of the business away from me. I highly recommend her services.

NP Sole Proprietor


Jane has been the consistent backbone of our administration for many years now.  Her methodical and reliable approach is very reassuring when your mind wants to engaged with the day to day running of the organisation.  We have undergone many changes in recent years that have required detailed financial support which Jane has delivered every time.  This year looks like being no less interesting and it is a genuine relief to consider Jane as part of our team.

SJ Church Pastor


Jane has been doing my books since 2015 and can’t thank her enough. Has taken the pressure off my shoulders to focus on the business instead of panicking over the paperwork. Highly recommended.

RC Sole Proprietor



Jane became our bookkeeper a few years ago and has been a breath of fresh air. My previous bookkeeper was not strong enough and would accept my excuses for not supplying information when required. I run three limited companies and my time is crucial, especially when it comes to dealing with accounting. Jane takes care of all the data entry along with VAT returns and supplies me with the reports that I require to run the businesses. She doesn’t take no for an answer and becomes very persistent when requesting information which is just what I need to make things happen. Jane will often come up with better ways of accounting for the data required and this has made my life much simpler so I can concentrate on what I do best, which is definitely not bookkeeping. I would suggest that if you are looking for a very professional bookkeeper that will keep you on your toes and take care of what is required, look no further than Jane Franklin Bookkeeping Services.

KW Director


Having relocated to the West Country in the Summer of 2012, I needed to find local support services for my online gift business. Through a Google search I was lucky enough to find Jane and after a telephone conversation and meeting, I was sufficiently impressed to ask her to be my company Bookkeeper. It turns out this was a great decision! Since this date, I have been delighted with the support that Jane provides. She is highly competent, efficient, accurate and has completely removed the stress of tasks such as VAT returns and end of year preparation of accounts in readiness for submission to my accountant. I have absolute confidence in Jane's bookkeeping abilities which she delivers in a timely, cost effective manner and I would and have recommended her services to other businesses.

CT Director


For a modest monthly outlay, Jane has brought my accounts up to date and I am now able to keep my deadlines with HMRC without a panic!

RS Sole Proprietor