Covid-19 2 months in

May 29, 2020
Here we are at the end of May and we are seeing a glimpse of what the "new normal" is going to be like. So many restrictions  to keep ourselves and others safe. For many people it has been, and will continue to be, hard to keep going. Hard to keep positive despite all the inspirational stories we hear. You may feel you can't compete with these wonderful people! All the success stories, all the winners. 

Just remember those people are like you - they worry and cry about the future for themselves, their families and if they run a business, large or small, they worry about their employees and the future of the business. Just keep going one day at a time, do your best, and we will get to where we want to be. We can all help each other in any way that we can, and if we can just hold on, and keep ourselves and those around us safe, we will all have a future where we can hug each other, kiss our families and go out and enjoy life again without worrying about what we are doing. 

Stay safe and take care.


Lock down

April 26, 2020
What a month April was! It doesn't look like things are going to change for a while yet, so many people are having to change the way they work, live their lives, and run their businesses. 

I am so lucky to live in beautiful Somerset, with lots of fresh air and space and as I already work from home most of the time, things have not been so different for me work wise. I have been very happy to help my clients keep things going, and as the claims for furloughed staff have started to come through ...
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DIY Bookkeeping or not?

February 21, 2020

I haven’t done a blog for a while mainly because Bookkeeping isn’t one of the “sexy” occupations that everyone wants to hear about. There’s only so much you can say about Tax and VAT etc etc.

 A lot is made these days in adverts and social media etc about the joys of doing your own accounts and running your whole business from your mobile phone or tablet including VAT returns and Payrolls. If you can do that then good on you if you are confident enough to do it then that’s fin...

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Looking for a Bookkeeper?

July 26, 2019

Following a recent reorganization I am delighted to say I now have the capacity to help more new clients in the Somerset area. If you are a sole trader, small business, need Payroll services or need to do VAT or CIS returns please contact me for a chat. I have been running my business since 2011 and have been working in the accounts sector for more years than I care to remember!

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